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Friday, May 26, 2017

SciXFriday - Strange Thing Sci-Fi Short, UFOs, Haunts, Misc, and Etc.

“I am Ubik. Before the universe was, I am. I made the suns. I made the worlds. I created the lives and the places they inhabit; I move them here, I put them there. They go as I say, then do as I tell them. I am the word and my name is never spoken, the name which no one knows. I am called Ubik, but that is not my name. I am. I shall always be.” - Philip K. Dick, Ubik 

Odds-n-Ends -
  • Surprising reveal from a witness to the Phoenix Lights UFO. Kurt Russell says he was piloting a plane when he saw an unusual light formation and he reported it to the control tower. Nothing registered on radar, so he dismissed it. Two years later, the dots connected. Calls it his Richard Dreyfuss (Close Encounters) moment. Express 
  • Residual amnesia reported by some Phoenix Lights witnesses? Unexplained. Express 
  • Mountaintop Selfie captures UFO. UFOSightingsHotspot
    Cool thing about this story; when I shared it on Facebook I got a response from a friend who had a similar UFO photobomb experience in Colorado. He shared his pic and the image shows an anomaly in the background.
  • Doll is a terror? A family in Peru says she is possessed. Express 
  • Summer Travel Fun. Roadtrippers suggests a Ghost Tour of Memphis. Some say Elvis never left.
  • Pranksters left a pineapple at a modern art exhibit. Returned to find it displayed in a glass case. Mashable 
  • Situation grave for injured swan. Boy tried mouth to mouth. Swan expected to make full recovery. TheDodo
This Sci-Fi film short was launched on Kickstarter. Strange Thing, an award winner from 2014.

Strange Thing Movie/Facebook
Another project by the same group looks promising. In pre-production now, The Alternate

Official TheCGBros http://www.thecgbros.com
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCGBro

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5/28 - Lance Mungia - Psychic Spies in the upcoming CIA - Documentary: Third Eye Spies
6/4 - Stanley Krippner Ph.D. - The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder
6/11 - Blynne Olivieri - Ingo Swann Collection, Ingram Library UWG 
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6/18 - Russell Brinegar - Overlords of the Singularity. NDE and Non-fiction experiences with UFO and Paranormal.
6/25 - Patti Conklin - Medical Intuitive Healer. The word Extraordinary applies. Patti has been compared to John of God.
7/2 - Garnet Schulhauser's Spirit Guide Albert appeared in physical form and took him on an incredible journey.
7/9 - Wendie Colter - Intuitive, Clairvoyant. Writing her first book based on her experiences as a medical intuitive, healer and teacher. Available for readings by appointment. The Practical Path

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Monday, May 22, 2017

5/21/17 - Michael Grosso, The Man Who Could Fly: Levitation

"There are mysteries which men can only guess at, which age by age they may solve only in part." - Bram Stoker

FYI - *Interview with Michael Grosso on the flying Saint is the latest in the podcast archives for Wendy's Coffeehouse.

Coffeehouse Notes - offbeat and otherwise -
  • Notes from a previous post include the ESP Study, Woman who won the lottery when her daughter dreamed the numbers/1 million dollars, the Cat with a serious attitude who would like you to adopt him. And the Kelly Family is back in action. Fell in love with an Alien. 
  • Returning The Kelly Family/SoldOut comback back show from this past weekend in Dortmund - YouTube 
  • Retiring - The Final Show for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey ending an extraordinary run at 146 years. Gobsmacked Space Fantasy Intro Segment: YouTubeOfficial
    And from 2016 the Final show with the Elephants
    The future of the Circus? NatGeo 
  • Revisiting Rendlesham Forest: Colonel Charles Halt returns to the UFO site. East Anglian Daily Times There is now a marker on the trail. He says he never intended for the story to go public. It did. And the mystery remains. 

Another interview with Halt describing his memories of that incident and what he has been able to add to the story as others filled in their own pieces of the story. BBC
Curious - "CIA showed up and witnesses were never the same" Express

Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast Archives include Michael Grosso and history's most extraordinary case of Levitation

The Man Who Could Fly. Independent Scholar, Michael Grosso/Bio explores the fascinating story of St. Joseph of Cupertino. Documented by the Church and seen by thousands, levitating. Extraordinary.

What if this is not outside the normal range of human potential? Grosso suggests it may well be that we are all capable and simply unaware of how to access that hidden trigger; the one that sends a body flying, up and away, into the air.

Possibly, as with Joseph of Cupertino, it may simply be coded into our evolutionary path. For example, Michael Grosso talks about a levitation experiment he tried with his students. Also known as "light as a feather". He says it was a surprise to everyone when it worked, especially the physically large and stout male who was "lifted" by four petite females. 

Grosso is fascinated by and follows stories he refers to as Human Singularities. We talk about the case of Arigo, a very unconventional psychic healer. His latest blog post was about a Contactee. Voices from Beyond.

At least two more books are due shortly. 'Wings of Ecstasy' takes yet another look at the levitating Saint and speculates on human evolution. The second book, 'The Final Choice: Death or Transcendence', ponders the possibility of a global near-death experience.

Follow Michael on his blog: Consciousness Unbound. Also linked here on the side bar. 

St. Joseph of Cupertino isn't the only case of levitation. The benefit is that it is one of the most highly witnessed and documented. Wiki cites others.

More information: 
Miracles of the Saints
Studies in Bioenergy/Epoch Times
Levitation/Psychic Science

Wendy's Coffeehouse Archives. Thank you for listening and sharing! 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Arrivals, Returns, Departures, Long Goodbyes and long overdue ESP WTF!

"I never give up on anything, because you come back around, and suddenly the thing you thought you'd never do is relevant." - Joss Whedon

Odds, ends and otherwise --
  • What happens when the skeptics step out of the equation? PSI works."Daryl Bem had seemed to prove that time can flow in two directions—that ESP is real. But for most observers, at least the mainstream ones, the paper posed a very difficult dilemma. It was both methodologically sound and logically insane." Slate
  • Case in point/A dream come true - Her Daughter dreamed about winning lottery numbers in January and she played those numbers a few times. Paid off in May: 1 million dollars. AOL 
  • Spicey hit the streets and the outtakes were gold ... SNL 
  • RBB&B Circus fades into the mystery of timelines past. BBC 
  • End of the Greatest Show on Earth after 146 years, there will be tears. NYTimes 
  • Mr. Biggles needs a home. Props to his publicist for truth and BadAss advertising. HuffPost
Aliens in the Mist ... and the return of The Kelly Family ... blast from the past ...

The Kelly Family is back. First show sold out in 18 minutes. Two more shows were added and ... the odds for going on a tour are looking very good at this point. - DW

*Did you see the Owl in the video? Mike Clelland on Owls and ETs, The Messengers
  Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Mike Clelland  


5/21 - Michael Grosso - The Man Who Could Fly
5/28 - Lance Mungia - Psychic Spies in the CIA - Documentary: Third Eye Spies
6/4 - Stanley Krippner Ph.D. - The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder
6/11 - Blynne Olivieri - Ingo Swann Collection, Ingram Library UWG 
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6/18 - Russell Brinegar - Overlords of the Singularity. NDE/Non-fiction UFO and Paranormal.
6/25 - Patti Conklin - Medical Intuitive Healer. The Day God's Train Stopped
7/2 - Garnet Schulhauser has a fantastic story about connecting with his Spirit Guide Albert who appeared in physical form and then proceeded to take him on an incredible journey.
7/9 - Wendie Colter - Medical Intuitive, Master Healer. The Practical Path
TBA Fate Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Phyllis Galde

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Curious and Unexplained: ET, UFO, Little People, Yowi and beyond

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day.
- "Old Man's Advice to Youth: 'Never Lose a Holy Curiosity.'" LIFE Magazine (2 May 1955) p. 64”
- Albert Einstein

A few Links - odds, ends and otherwise:
  • Demon House update; exorcism, documentary, demo and all. Ripleys.com
    For the doubters, this hospital intake report is chilling. Contributed by Marisa Kwiatkowski, The Indianapolis Star: PDF
    in limbo. Whether it will be completed? Follow on Twitter. Owner Zak had the house demolished. CNA 
  • A tale of 2 speeches: Legally blurry. The Raw Story 
  • Dog on Roof photo op ... and that's just fine. Mashable
    You can follow Huckleberry on Instagram
  • This week in (Yeti, Sasquatch)Yowi news: MaitlandMercury 
  • Dandelion root as a Cancer cure. White Wolf
Now UFO Hub/YouTube where a few good Videos lead to a treasure trove of Unexplained.

More background on Deb. UFO CasebookDeb provides her Facebook contact
Debbie's Book (with her sister) Abducted! The Story of the Intruder's Continues
Budd Hopkin's book, The Intruders, and Part One of the Story

Additional stories: 

So much going on here that is totally off the radar of our mainstream media channels. It's fun (for me) to track down resources for informative sources and channels to connect and track the wide variety of extraordinary encounters we humans are experiencing with our "reality" -- worth knowing and worth discovering to better appreciate the possibilities that might be present in our future and our present as our consciousness expands.

Food for thought. Enjoy!

Wendy's Coffeehouse Archives. Thank you for listening and sharing!

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